Apple iPad 10th Gen 10.9" 2022 Dux Ducis DK Detachable Bluetooth Keyboard Cover with Touchpad

Dux Ducis

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  • Transform your tablet into a productivity powerhouse with the Dux Ducis Detachable Keyboard Cover.

    This clever cover seamlessly transforms your tablet into a versatile laptop, perfect for taking notes in class, crafting emails on the go, or whipping up documents during your commute. The detachable design offers flexibility - use the keyboard for focused typing sessions and then detach it to enjoy the comfort of a tablet for browsing or entertainment.

    The Dux Ducis Detachable Keyboard Cover doesn't just boost your productivity, it also safeguards your tablet. The secure magnetic attachment keeps your device firmly in place, while the durable cover shields it from everyday bumps and scratches. Focus on what matters and let the Dux Ducis Detachable Keyboard Cover handle the protection.

    And it doesn't stop there! The built-in trackpad allows for intuitive navigation, mimicking the experience of a traditional laptop. Enjoy smooth scrolling, effortless cursor control, and multi-touch gestures for a truly streamlined workflow.

    With the Dux Ducis Detachable Keyboard Cover, you can have the best of both worlds - the portability and convenience of a tablet with the power and efficiency of a laptop

    • Fits Apple iPad 10th Gen 10.9" 2022 Model
    • Magnetically attached Bluetooth keyboard
    • Integrated Touchpad
    • Rigid back cover and internal bumper frame
    • Tablet Stand Design
    • 420mAh Battery (Rechargeable from USB in 2 hours)
    • Up to 80hours continuous working time per charge
    • All around protection
    • Folio Cover Protection
    • Premium Quality

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