We know that warranty support is important and we process warranty claims quickly and efficiently. Generally we will process warranty returns within 24 hours of arrival.

All products are covered by a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase - Unless specifically noted in the product description as some products may have a longer warranty period.

Spare parts that require the device to be disassembled to install carry a 1 year warranty ONLY if installed by a qualified professional repair technician (receipts will be required for warranty claims)

The warranty is 'return to base' in Auckland and all warranty claims must have an RA (Return Authorization) number assigned before being returned to us - This helps speed up the process and ensures your warranty claim is handled efficiently.
(Return freight to us is the responsibility of the customer - Freight back to the customer is covered by Noco Limited)

Where an item is found to be faulty and covered by warranty, it will be repaired or replaced. All of our repairs are done in-house and if parts are not available promptly the item will be replaced.

For 'out-of-warranty' products - If purchased from Noco Limited we offer discounted repair labour and parts .

Contact us at info@noco.co.nz with the following details to obtain an RA number:

  • Your Name, Address and a contact phone number
  • The original order/invoice number for your purchase
  • A thorough description of the fault (sometimes we can diagnose problems remotely)

The RA number must be on the outside of your package when returned or we may be unable to process your warranty claim efficiently.

At our discretion, the replacement may be a unit that is not brand new but will be in equal or better condition than the returned device. If a particular colour is not available , an alternative colour will be supplied.

Where the item is no longer available a replacement of a similar product that meets or exceeds the original product specification will be supplied (in consultation with the customer)

The warranty term is 12 months from the date of purchase - The term does not reset if a device is replaced/repaired.

Some of the things that Warranty does not cover:

  • Faults that are caused through incorrect usage of the product or problems cause by 3rd party apps installed.
  • Water/Moisture/Dirt/Dust/Environmental damage
  • Physical damage - Broken screens, Cracked cases, Damaged charging ports, Scratched screens etc
  • Broken/Faulty connections caused by incorrect plug type or excessive insertion/force/pulling 
  • Products where serial numbers or tamper labels have been removed
  • Faults where the use of incompatible accessories are used, causing damage.
  • Accidental damage - Please claim on your insurance
  • Non-factory firmware or system software modification
  • Google/Android updates that disable/change apps or features 

All items sent back for warranty are tested thoroughly to reproduce the fault.
Testing may involve wiping data/factory resets/firmware flashing. Please ensure you have saved any important data before returning the item.


Rugged devices are stronger products and offer varying degrees of water/dust/shock resistance which are only effective if limits are not exceeded.

Many products are IPXX rated (Ingress Protection) to be dust/water resistant within the IP rating parameters for that particular model. IP Ratings are tested in static fresh water and under laboratory conditions.

IPXX RATED = Water/Dust ingress protection rating  E.G, IP68 is laboratory tested in static fresh water up to 1 metre deep for 30 minutes (Powered on with all port covers securely capped and no buttons pressed).
Some manufacturers will state if their products are rated to further depths/limits

Some models have a special Underwater Mode. This is an exclusive mode for taking photos underwater and disables/isolates all non-essential functions. Check your manufacturer user manual and use with caution

Standing moisture can degrade the nano-coatings/water resistance if left wet and cause damage if the water resistance is compromised - Dry the phone if its it gets wet

If the device is dropped and the enclosure is damaged, do not expose the device to moisture as the drop/damage may have caused the water resistant seals to be compromised

The MIL-STD ratings are for the shock/drop resistance, strength and resilience of the phone enclosure.

Waterproof  Watches/Phones/Tablets - Do not press buttons when in water. Do not use in hot water. Do not use in sea water (salt water is corrosive)

Moisture/Liquid damage is not covered by warranty due to the reasons above but we offer free evaluation of the liquid damaged phone for repair or insurance purposes


While rugged device screens are often toughened glass, they are still made of glass and are not indestructible - They can still be scratched or break.

You should still take care of your device as you would any other product. We recommend hardened glass screen protectors for additional protection against scratches and impacts.

Contact us if you break your screen for a quotation for repair  


The video below is intended to illustrate the type of testing that rugged phone models endure in the factory testing facility