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Armor 14

Great phone, I really like it. A bit of a beast, but I have got over 4 days out of a single charge, and I have already dropped it a few times, and wash the screen regularly without issues. The headless FM radio does not work. It works fine with a headset plugged in, and works on speaker with a head set plugged in, but there is no reception without a headset plugged in. Too much hassle to mess about getting it exchanged, but a bit disappointing.

Not so rugged case for Armor 14

Looks good, but the spring clip is a weak point, and broke the first time I caught the phone on something as I got out of the car. Carabiner is very useful though, and seems more than up to the job

Great value for money.

Looks smart, and the keyboard was super easy to set up.
Very happy with this purchase.

Tab ^

I am always wanting to help the smaller players from the mainstream of Mobile Phones and PC's etc . ..
I reviewed Blackview and was pleasantly surprised by the reviews ... and I can see why .
I would DEFINITELY reccommend to anyone a Blackview ... this little TAB 6 is brilliant ...
And with the lower cost to boot , you can't go wrong ..
Thank you very much ..
Cheers Piet Irwin

Glass protector

Very happy with the product and the Service recieved

Not bad, not bad.

Wish noco supplied the OEM case cover for this tablet as well as a choice of colours as discovered via ebay, AliExpress and Alibaba.

Otherwise it's a great, works well. Against the advice of noco I also tested spark and skinny sim cards, and this works in the city where I live. Call quality is lacking but I don't think the majority using this device will be concerned with that.

Would have made my day if it were the grey one.

Battery lasts avg 1 day with a high of 2 days.

Pro tip: get an external sim adapter, apply adhesive for security, get a skinny sim card and combine with a warehouse mobile as your main. Skinny in this is good for data clock, warehouse for base data clock. The combo with this tablet works mint.

Solid economical practical

This is a great tablet that I purchased for my 85 year old dad. He's thrilled. Charges quickly and easy to use. Fast and really good value. Thanks again.

Great phone

Phone is as good as my old a12 which got wet and died, I have had this in the same weather conditions which went well and no issues with water.. only issue is the rubber plug for the re

Great case

Well worth the money. Adds great protection to your phone.

Review of Hotwav Cyber 8 Rugged Phone

A very solid phone. Impressive battery life. Good camera. Strong torch. Good speaker. Not too much bloatware pre-installed. On the negative side: Supplied extremely brief manual is next to useless (also unable to locate any manuals online). No LED light to indicate receipt of new message when screen is off. Initially struggled with lack of 3-button navigation at the bottom of each screen (go back, home & switch apps) until I eventually discovered that on this phone they are switched OFF by default, and need to be turned on in the system navigation settings. Forced to configure both fingerprint scan and 4-digit access code during setup (do not know whether this is a manufacturer requirement or Android's, but have not been forced to do so on any previous phones). Nevertheless, good value for money.

Shockproof Rugged Cover with Stand and Hand Grip for Huawei T5 Tablet

Saved my phone from two falls already so paid for itself in less then a week. 👍

Glass screen protector

Does job as advertised at reasonable price. Company excellent to deal with. Delivery ahead of schedule. Would not hesitate to recommend. Have previously bought phones and wireless chargers.

Sleek and Fashionable

Very solid phone case. The option to rest your phone down on an angle and watch YouTube Netflix etc is a peace of mind comfort

Very impressed with the speed of delivery despite nationwide delays due to covid

glass screen protector

Prefer a plastic one-glass one cracked too easily

Great quality

The quality is really good and the delivery was very quick. A bit bigger than expected but it can be folded for smaller phones. I wish there were other colors to choose from. Reccomended!

Good case

Excellent phone cover case. Fast delivery only down side is the case cuts off alot of sound during phone calls, but other than that it's great!

Bang for buck

Payed 69 bucks for this and it’s soo bright! Can spot deer over 500m away. Solid spread. Happy as

E500S HD 1280x720 LCD Projector, 3500 Lumens

A very easy to setup and use projector with a surprisingly clear picture for the price. Fairly noisy in operation but acceptable for the price. Purchased for use in art and it is perfect for that application.

Pretty good

My only complaint is that the magnetic flap come from the front and attaches to the back so it feels "backwards " to open.

Armor pro 8

I am very happy with my new phone, it seems tough, will suite me with working in construction Review Medals