Driveway and Gate Solar Sensor Security Alert, Sender and Base Station, 800metre range, 4 Channel


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  • Never Miss a Visitor Again with the W921 Long Range Driveway Alert System

    Imagine the peace of mind knowing exactly when someone pulls into your driveway, whether it's a delivery, a guest, or something else entirely. The W921 Driveway Alert System ensures you'll never miss a visitor again with the ability to detect motion and alert you with impressive range of up to 800 metres on open terrain.

    The weather-resistant sensor easily mounts to your driveway, driveway post, or any other suitable location, and transmits a signal to the base station located within your home. The base station features a bright LED indicator and a loud, yet adjustable chime to notify you of approaching vehicles. Expand your system with additional sensors (sold separately) to cover multiple entry points to your property and choose from 8 x different clear alert tones. (Additional sensors can have unique tones when added)

    With the W921, you can relax knowing you'll always be in the loop about activity on your driveway. Whether you're expecting a package delivery or simply want to be aware of visitors coming and going, this long-range system provides unmatched security and convenience.

    Setting up the kit is a breeze. Simply plug and play, and you're good to go. 

    • 4 channel base station
    • LED Alert for each channel and Audible notifications (8 Tones)
    • Up to 800 Metre Range (Line Of Sight)
    • Powered by NZ USB adapter  (Included)
    • Volume Control
    • Pairing button for additional sensors
    • Battery Backup - (4 x AA batteries required - For backup power only)
    • Solar Sensor Unit
    • Solar Panel on Top - Built-In Rechargeable Battery
    • Adjustable Sensitivity - Up to 10 metre detection range
    • Includes Mount with ball swivel

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