Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Raised Bezel Cover with Wallet Card Holder/Stand, Dome Clasp

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  • The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 phone is well-protected with this product. It has a sturdy TPU material with thickened corners for shockproof protection against drops, bumps, and scratches.

    The case features large raised bezels that enhance the phone's overall protection. The bezels also provide additional camera and screen protection.

    The internal surface is grooved for better heat dissipation, making it comfortable to hold for long periods. Additionally, there is a leather texture wallet with credit card slots and a fold-out flap/stand, secured with a dome clasp.

    It also has an internal metal plate that can be used for magnetic car mounts.

    With this product, you can enjoy a combination of style and durability, protecting your phone from damage.

    • Fits Samsung Galaxy Note 10 model
    • Wallet with card slots
    • Metal patch for magnetic car mounts
    • Raised bezels for extra camera and screen protection
    • Grooved internal surface for better heat dissipation
    • TPU material with thickened shock absorbing corners
    • Leather texture wallet with dome clasp

    Customer Reviews

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    Kiana (NZ)

    Threw it in the rubbish , I bought the wrong size -_- . Would've been perfect

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