Oppo A17 4G Q-Shadow Rear Cover, Rotating Pull-Out Ring/Stand, Semi-Transparent


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  • The Q-Shadow Rear Cover, specially designed for the Oppo A17 4G model to protect your phone from scratches and bumps. This sleek cover comes with a semi-transparent back panel that adds a touch of elegance to your device.

    The TPU protective outer surround of the cover has a non-slip matte surface that provides better grip and prevents accidental drops. The cover also has raised bezels around the camera and screen, providing additional protection against drops and knocks.

    With a pull-out rotating finger ring, the cover allows for a comfortable grip and doubles as a phone stand. The metal patch on the cover enables it to mount on magnetic car phone mounts, making it convenient for use on the go.

    The Q-Shadow Rear Cover for Oppo phones is a perfect blend of style and functionality, offering superior protection and convenience for your device.

    Get your hands on this must-have accessory today and give your Oppo phone the protection it deserves!

    • Fits Oppo A17 4G model
    • Protects your phone from scratches and bumps
    • Semi-Transparent Rear Panel
    • TPU Matte Non-Slip Surround
    • Pull-Out Rotating Ring Grip/Stand
    • Metal Patch for Magnetic Car Mounts

    Customer Reviews

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    T P. (NZ)

    This is an awesome cover, fav colour (yellow) slim and easy to hold, ring also helps to hold

    Morgan F. (NZ)


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