4 PACK AMBER Emergency LED Grille Lights, Wireless Remote, 12 Modes, 12V-24V


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  • Set of 4 x LED grille lights, perfect for emergency and construction vehicles. Each light features 12 LED bulbs, emitting a bright flashing AMBER light.

    With easy installation for 12V-24V vehicles and a wireless remote control, this set is incredibly user-friendly. There are 12 different strobe modes to choose from, giving you plenty of options to find the perfect fit for your needs.

    These LED grille lights are made from durable ABS material, ensuring they can withstand the wear and tear of regular use. Each light is pre-wired with plugs and features 2 wires per light for easy installation.

    The power output of each light is 18W, providing excellent brightness for your vehicle. The light cable length for each light is 1.1 meters, allowing for versatile placement on your vehicle.

    With a wireless remote control, you can easily control the lights from a distance, making it simple to turn them on and off as needed. Additionally, these LED grille lights can be mounted anywhere, allowing for customization of your vehicle's lighting setup.

    • Material: ABS
    • Socket type: 2 wires per light, pre-wired with plugs
    • 12LED bulbs per light
    • Voltage: DC 12V-24V
    • Power: 18W
    • 12 strobe modes
    • Light cable length (each) 1.1metre
    • Wireless Remote Control

    NOTE: LED controller box may ship in black or white

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Geoff H. (NZ)

    4 PACK AMBER Emergency LED Grille Lights, Wireless Remote, 12 Modes, 12V-24V

    Dave H. (NZ)

    work well ,delivered promptly, thanks team

    Richard H. (NZ)

    A four button remote with no user instructions. Also the lights connect via a flat plug in pairs to the controller unit not singly as in the picture; thus cannot be wired through a hole (including the backing sponge without slotting the holes or removing the pins from the plug block.
    Otherwise the lights are bright and function well on a variety of flash modes

    Nigel W. (NZ)

    easy trade , quick delivery. Easy to lnstall works well BUT a couple of leds didnt work on two of the pannels . Told them about it and was told send the others back and we will replace them . They took time to put in where I wanted them and with all the others going make plenty of light . Yes I would get more

    Alan B. (NZ)
    4 Orange Flashers with remote

    Easy installed and worked as advertised. Remote takes a while to master!

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